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What Is It Like To Be A Publicist in Hollywood
April 27, 2010, 11:18 pm
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What is it really like to work with the rich and the famous?  A question I would love to have the answer to.  It goes without saying that PR has many different fields in communication and is going to be different depending on the business you want to work in.  I have always been interested in the entertainment industry and wonder what a day in the life of a publicist is like.  Or maybe someone who does PR for major film companies or TV networks.

In an article that I read, it sounds like being a Hollywood publicist involves making a lot of friends.  That really doesn’t sound so bad and especially to get paid for it.  In order to promote clients and make them popular it is important to be in the “in” with people in the media (magazines, TV, radio, etc).

With Young Hollywood they need to rise to fame and it is the job of the publicist to get them in the media and make the public aware of who they are and what they are up to.  If you think about it, we may see these young people in movies but learn much more about who they are when their personal lives are displayed in magazine and television interviews.  PR makes us relate to them.

Ashley Greene on Bonnie Hunt Show

Another job with publicists is to keep celebrities that have been around for a while in the spotlight.  This may seem easy, but think about all of the competition today with celebrities and who is on top.  They, as well as new celebs, need to be in the media because as much as some of us may hate to admit it we like to know whats going on with the rich and the famous.

I think the idea of being a publicist sounds great, but I can only imagine have tough and hard it really is to compete for your client and make sure you get treated with respect.  It sounds like a great way to meet people and make connections in an industry that is far different from any other.


Ethics in PR
April 27, 2010, 7:58 pm
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Something I have learned a lot about in my Senior Seminar class (I can’t believe I’m a senior!!!) is ethics.  We have all probably heard about ethics a million times, but maybe not taking all of the information in.  I think that ethics seems easy when you are reading or hearing about it, but in the actual situation and being a PR representative, it is really that black and white?

In my opinion I would say no, although I have yet to be put in one of those positions at any job or internship I have held.  Of course, those challenges come about in daily life, maybe just telling a friend if you really like her outfit or not.  When is a white lie going to far?  Is it okay to lie if the benefit overall is better?  If doing the right thing is going to hurt a lot more people than it is going to help what should you do?  What if the right thing hurts your client?  These are all questions we will most likely face at some point and there is no clear answer in many situations about what to do.

I would say with ethics most of us know right from wrong.  I think that more times than not it is important to not only people in the PR industry, but professionals in general to shed light on the truth as much as possible.  There are absolutely times when there are circumstances that question our judgment and that of others.  Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and do what is honest and beneficial to the public.

I think it is our responsibility to use our best ethics judgment and not out way the pros and cons but think about what is right for everyone.  Just because something is not against the law, does not mean it is ethical (an important point to keep in mind).

Below I have posted a website that has more information about ethics:

Social Media- The Beneficial Factor
April 27, 2010, 5:57 pm
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We all know that social media is a way that we, as individuals, can distinguish ourselves, update our statuses, make connections with new people, etc.  I didn’t realize till I recently conducted a survey for my campaigns class that social media can really spark interest in a matter rather than just enhance what it already there.

My campaigns group and I did a survey for our PR Campaigns class regarding HandsOn Southeast Georgia.  If you are unaware, they are a volunteer organization that works with a variety of non-profit organizations and people who donate and volunteer with projects that they are interested in.  In our survey we got opinions for mostly college students because that’s where we conducted the interview.  Somewhat to our surprise, we found out that only 7 of the 57 people were even aware of HandsOn and that they are a volunteer network.  The results could have been different had we surveyed more of the Statesboro population, but even so the number of awareness was pretty minuscule.

A question later on in the survey asked, “What type of media would make you more inclined to volunteer and/or become more aware of HandsOn volunteer opportunities and programs?”  There were a variety of options such as PSA’s, magazine/newspaper coverage, peer activity, word of mouth, etc.  However, the most popular response was social media.  This led to the conclusion that if HandsOn is more active in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

It goes to show that this generation and ones in the future will be very active with social media and it might just be a new way to spark interests for new ideas, especially non-profit organizations.  Maybe now we will have a more active and volunteer apt society!

Find them at:

Abshire PR- My Summer Internship
April 24, 2010, 9:26 pm
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Graduation is right around the corner, and it is definitely bitter sweet.  An end to good times and a beginning to new and exciting times.  Following graduation I will be doing an internship at Abshire PR in Savannah- so I will work there and in Statesboro from home.

Abshire PR is in Savannah and was started by Jennifer Abshire who strives to “take the puzzle out of PR.”  They work with a variety of clients such as Palmetto Dunes, The Coastal Bank,  and the Ford Plantation.  I think it is great that Abshire PR strives to work for so many clients because that lends a lot of networking opportunities.  They have also won the 2010 Legal PR Award from PR Newswire.

I have met and talked to a few of the ladies that I will be working with and they all seem really great and I’m so excited to get on board and be part of the team.  They are a smaller firm which I feel will be great hands-on experience and I will hopefully learn a lot.  I also hope that I can be a useful part of their team and create stronger PR skills.  Can’t wait to see what this internship will bring!

I will be keeping updates as I start in mid May and for the rest of the summer!

Google as a Search Engine During Crisis
April 24, 2010, 8:42 pm
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Google is arguably the most well-known search engine out there.  It helps us find restaurants, people, places, or really anything that is of interest to us.  Well, they like Twitter and other forms of social media, were of great help during the earthquake crisis in Chile this year.

Following the disaster in Chile 2010, Google launched a Person Finder.  What a great idea!  This allowed people to try and locate people they knew that were in Chile and make sure that they were at least safe.  The app allowed people to choose from 2 options:   “I am looking for someone” or “I have information about someone.”  This is a great way for people to help the families and friends of people who want to find their loved ones and all it requires is using something with an Internet source.

If more tech companies come start to use this kind of app imagine how many people could be found.  It is amazing what the power of social media can do.

This is the website with more information on the Google Person Finder:

Social Media and its Role in the News
April 24, 2010, 8:11 pm
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Social media is a new aspect of technology that has boomed over the past few years.  Many people use it to let people know whats going on in their lives or share interesting information and common interests with other people.  A new found innovation with social media is the benefit it can have during a time of crisis.

During the aftermath of the earthquake that took place in Haiti social media, especially Twitter, came in very useful.  CNN has part of their website called the iReport where the audience was able to upload information such as pictures, videos, and contact information that could let people know what was going on and find loved ones that were not able to be reached.  It was learned that the purpose of the news is meant to connect people and not just report to them.

Social media is absolutely beginning to make a new name for itself.  It is not simply a tool for entertainment or constant personal status updates, but global status updates.  Now the people all over the words can be given a voice using public relations.

SPINdustry- Entertainment PR
April 20, 2010, 1:11 am
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Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck have been known in the past to be good friends of the Kardashian clan but they now have a spotlight of their very own.  They star on the new show, SPINdustry, which follows them and their company Command PR which has recently started on the West Coast.

One thing that made these two really stand out to me was their great PR after the premier of their show.  Following the show I made a comment about it on Twitter, and to my surprise Jonathan Cheban actually responded!  The reason I thought that was so cool is that they show appreciation to fans of their show and I think that is AWESOME PR and encourages the audience to keep watching.

Social media networks are great ways for celebrities and all other public figures to do their own PR, which in my opinion occasionally stands out more than outside press.  If you think about it, public relations really is the reason that celebrities have the title they do.  Yes they are in widely recognized media or something of the sort but someone has to give them that spotlight and more times that not it is the people in PR.

The reason I’m so interested in entertainment PR shows like SPINdustry is because that is the type of relations that I am most interested in.  I also think it is so interesting to really see what PR is like, similar to Kell on Earth, I think it is great that PR professionals are getting some recognition for the behind the scenes work that they work so hard at!