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The “Write” Way
September 10, 2012, 7:44 pm
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The “Write” Way

It’s never to late to brush up your writing skills! Check these tips out and see where it takes you…


Abshire PR- My Summer Internship
April 24, 2010, 9:26 pm
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Graduation is right around the corner, and it is definitely bitter sweet.  An end to good times and a beginning to new and exciting times.  Following graduation I will be doing an internship at Abshire PR in Savannah- so I will work there and in Statesboro from home.

Abshire PR is in Savannah and was started by Jennifer Abshire who strives to “take the puzzle out of PR.”  They work with a variety of clients such as Palmetto Dunes, The Coastal Bank,  and the Ford Plantation.  I think it is great that Abshire PR strives to work for so many clients because that lends a lot of networking opportunities.  They have also won the 2010 Legal PR Award from PR Newswire.

I have met and talked to a few of the ladies that I will be working with and they all seem really great and I’m so excited to get on board and be part of the team.  They are a smaller firm which I feel will be great hands-on experience and I will hopefully learn a lot.  I also hope that I can be a useful part of their team and create stronger PR skills.  Can’t wait to see what this internship will bring!

I will be keeping updates as I start in mid May and for the rest of the summer!

Social Media and its Role in the News
April 24, 2010, 8:11 pm
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Social media is a new aspect of technology that has boomed over the past few years.  Many people use it to let people know whats going on in their lives or share interesting information and common interests with other people.  A new found innovation with social media is the benefit it can have during a time of crisis.

During the aftermath of the earthquake that took place in Haiti social media, especially Twitter, came in very useful.  CNN has part of their website called the iReport where the audience was able to upload information such as pictures, videos, and contact information that could let people know what was going on and find loved ones that were not able to be reached.  It was learned that the purpose of the news is meant to connect people and not just report to them.

Social media is absolutely beginning to make a new name for itself.  It is not simply a tool for entertainment or constant personal status updates, but global status updates.  Now the people all over the words can be given a voice using public relations.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
December 12, 2009, 7:15 pm
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Since it’s holiday season I decided to share a recipe that I make with everyone.  Technically, I can’t take any credit because my cousin actually made the dip for Christmas two years ago and it was a huge hit.  I loved it so much I started making it all the time for my friends, parties, and other events.   Although it’s not the healthiest choice, it is way to good to pass up.  It’s also an easy recipe!  Enjoy!

Buffalo Chicken Dip:

  • 2 blocks of cream cheese (softened)
  • 1 medium bottle of Texas Pete (you can get the large one too, so that you can make it a little hotter)
  • 3 chicken breasts (you can use more if you like more chicken)
  • 1 bottle of ranch dressing
  • 2 bags of mozzarella cheese (we like a lot)
  • Your favorites chips (dipping chips work best)
  • You can use one large baking pan or two small ones


  1. Start boiling the chicken since it takes the longest
  2. Preheat the oven to 350
  3. Spread cream cheese (softened) along the bottom of baking pan(s)
  4. Shred chicken into thin pieces
  5. Mix the chicken in a bowl with Texas Pete sauce (you can use as much as you like to taste)
  6. Put chicken into baking pan on top of cream cheese
  7. Pour ranch on top of chicken
  8. Add mozzarella on top (we usually use two bags but you can use less)
  9. Keep in the over for 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly

What I Am Thankful For…
November 18, 2009, 4:54 am
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Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it seems appropriate to talk about some of the things we are thankful for!  I have a lot that I am thankful for, so I think it is hard to list everything so I wanted to name a few:

First and foremost, I am extremely thankful for my family.  My mom, dad, and sister, Kate, are probably the most important part of my life.  For the past 21 years they have always been by my side and I, by theirs.  My baby sister, really 19, just started her freshman year at Vanderbilt University and seems to be absolutely loving it.  She is so smart, outgoing, and awesome that I don’t think she would have a hard time fitting in anywhere.  My mom is living in Atlanta and is one of the best people I know and one of my best friends.  She has been sober for almost 7 years now which I think is amazing!  She is also an avid church goer like my sister (not in a weird way) and has a great small group from church that she spends a lot of time with (they are all really awesome).  My dad remarried a few years ago to a wonderful woman named Libby and they are really happy.  My dad is probably the smartest and kindest person I have ever met.  He is also a doctor and seems to have passed those genes to my sister Kate.  Then I have all of my cousing whom I love dearly!  Mollie, also known as co-astro (inside joke) is my other half and partner in crime.  I think we get each other in a way that nobody else does and we love it.  We also plan to go to space together one day and also meet up with the cast from Twilight.  I hope that when we both graduate in May, for me after my internship in the summer, that we can live in the same city.

Right now on of the loves of my LIFE is my dog Riley (Riles, Ry).  She is the sweetest and most mischievous dog in the world and she couldn’t be more precious.  I adopted her in the summer of 2008 from the Atlanta Humane Society when she was almost 2 years old.  We think she is a mix between a flat-coated retriever and some kind of spaniel.  Whatever it is, she is a cute mix.  I plan to help out more with the AHS over my Christmas break this year so that we can find these dogs good homes for the holidays and forever!  She loves to give kisses and has sooo much energy.  Aka, she is the BEST!

I am also grateful for my boyfriend, Carter, of almost 3 years.  We met here at Georgia Southern University and he is just amazing.  He is one of my best friends and the smartest people that I know.  He is way beyond his years but I think that’s a good thing.  And by way beyond his year, I mean professionally.  He has already done marketing in California, Texas and overseas.  He wants to move to California for his own reasons, just like I do, so that could turn out to be a really good thing.

I am also super super thankful for my amazing friends!  Part of the reason I am so sad to leave college is because there are so many amazing friends that I have made here.   Both on campus and in Phi Mu sorority which has also been a big part of my life here. I also have amazing friends back home in Atlanta that I cannot wait to see in a week!  Those girls have been my best friends since I was in middle school, some from before, and I couldn’t be any luckier.

Basically, I love a lot of things in my life and now is a great time to tell them how much!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Chelsea Handler- author and comedian
November 12, 2009, 9:18 pm
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So, Chelsea Handler has to be one of my favorite people of all time.  I watch her show pretty much every single night because she always makes me laugh.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is never a let down.  Her dry and sarcastic sense of humor is my favorite and her little sidekick Chuy is hilarious too, even though he doesn’t have a whole lot to say.

are you there


my horizantal life

Anyways, I read her book “Are You There Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea” and I was in tears for a solid portion of it because I could not stop laughing.  Her stories are totally outrageous, I don’t know if they are even real stories, but I hope sobecause they are hilarious.  I bought her second book “My Horizantal life: A Collection of One Night Stands” and it’s a good one too.  My favorite part about her outlook on sex in that book is that she wants to give everyone a “fair chance” which is a pretty bold thing to say.

I would really like to meet her in person because she seems so fun, witty, and hilarious.  I have actually been trying to look into doing an internship for her show for next summer and am waiting to see what they are going to offer.  I think that there would never be a dull moment at that studio.

I hope that she will write another book soon because she is just as funny in writing as she is on TV— she is bold and puts herself out there— we need more people like that!

Social Media Revolution
August 27, 2009, 10:37 pm
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I watched this video in my PR Research class today and thought it was so interesting!

I have wondered if social media was such a fad, but not after realizing that if facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest!!!!  I think that it is definitely a revolution and it is awesome!