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April 29, 2009, 5:34 am
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48 Hours of Twitter- much more exciting!
April 23, 2009, 12:13 am
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Hello everyone! Now first, I have to say that the more recent assignment regarding Twitter was easier and more interesting than the first because I have no become a big fan of it!

You can find me on Twitter @marilynpr


My first experience on Twitter was good, however I mean good in the sense that I was not totally sure about what I was doing.  I have finally figured out, a few months ago, how to send out tweets to certain people which is great because it makes the social networking some much more exciting.  I have come to realize the significane that Twitter will have on my social and work life.  It is really great to be able to access people that are interested in many of the same things.

Besides finding interesting people in the PR field, it has been a great way to keep up with class.  I like to see what other people think about the lessons and what their outlook is.  I also like how Professor Nixon sends out tweets to the class with various types of information!

I am hoping that in the next few months I will become a pro because although I feel that I know a lot now, I am hoping to make more connections regarding Public relations.  It has been so much fun being able to use the updated on Twitter and finally realizing it is not as complicated as I originally thought.  I know I will keep using it and I have noticed that I check it more and more every day.

Hopefully other people have found it equally as helpful and a lot of people soon will because it is ALL OVER the media.  I think I hear about it on TV and the radio and least a few times a week and at the beginning of the class I had never heard about it before.  I have also recomended it to many people hoping they will sign on and see it is really great!

I have really enjoyed Twitter and found it to be one of the best ideas for a public relations professional; it is great being constantly updated with the rest of the world!

Oh and I am still not sure what the TweetDeck is and how people tag all of the news stories and things like that to their posts.

There is so much buzz about Twitter: I posted a link to a CBS news video on Twitter.  All age ranges are using it for various reasons.

Three PR Professionals:

  • @BrettPohlman
  • he was extremely helpful to help me learn the crucial parts of public relations and how important social networking is- Twitter for example
  • @heatherhuhman
  • she was someone that I followed on a regular basis because all of the wonderful internship opportunities that she provided
  • @mashable
  • always had readily available Twitter news and tips- which were very helpful because there are still a few kinks I am trying to work out

Seth Godin’s “Tribes”
April 16, 2009, 12:54 am
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Tribes is unlike any opinions that I have heard in the past.  Godin reinforces the idea that anyone can be a leader and share an idea.  Building a tribe is finding a group of followers.  For example, Widespread Panic just started a fan base and now they have a tribe.  The most motivating part of his speech is that we all have the opportunity to start a tribe and spread an idea because there is an abundance of people who want to join a group.

Tribal events was an interesting concept because he used a triathlon as an example.  He states how all of these people pay thousands of dollars to participate without even qualifying; therefore they know they will lose.  Religions are another example of tribes.  Once you place yourself as a followers, you are a part of it.

He states that leaders do not know whats going to happen next but that people wait for the success.  It is motivating to see that you do not necessarily have to have connections to start a tribe; you need an idea and people who are interested.  Instead of being afraid leaders take chances a risks, which is what makes them desirable.

Business is something that he goes over for a large portion of his presentation.  It fits in perfectly with starting a business.  One example he uses is if you want to publish a book, have some friends read it and see what the feedback is.  By making the first step of going into new territory, some people will follow and that is what is important!

I hope that after seeing this video it will carry with me as I venture into new jobs and make my opinion heard.  This video will increase self-confidence and encourage people to break out of their shell.

There is not much more I wish he had discussed because he made his point, but I will continue to follow his lectures and most likely order the book because I can only imagine how interesting it could be.

Be sure to check it out!


Where you can find the video

Where you can find the blog

Where you can find the book

10 Interview Tips (very important!)
March 2, 2009, 6:02 pm
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As we all know, going out into the real world to get a job will be scary. I have applied to three different jobs, my most current being a radio internship that I will have this summer.  The jobs that we all go out looking for now and in the future are the most crucial because not only do you need a good resume, by also making an outstanding first impression is critical.   Although those times might seem like they are a ways away, it’s pretty close.  More than likely interviews will become normal for us, so I just wanted to put down ten tips I found helpful in class and from previous experience!


  1. Always stand up and shake the interviewers hand (firmly)-Make sure that you seem confident- a strong handshake will imply confidence.
  2. Make good eye contact- don’t be gazing off the whole time– By making strong eye contact, the interviewer will see that you are engaged and interested.
  3. Dress professionally– make sure that your clothes are clean and proper.  Nothing to revealing or something that you would wear out with you buddies.
  4. Be positive!– Enthusiasm is contagious- if you are excited the interviewer will be more interested.
  5. Ask questions- it will show you are interested- Asking questions are best if some of them are prepared ahead of time.  Do not ask questions about salary off the bat- make sure you get the job first!
  6. Speak C-L-E-A-R-L-Y– Don’t mumble- again, clear speaking shows confidence and nobody wants to hire someone that they cannot understand.
  7. Answer questions directly-Try not to beat around the bush, and just answer what they are asking- stay calm.
  8. Make sure to write a “Thank you” letter to the interviewer(s)– Thank you letters are so key because not only are they polite, but the interviewer will see that you really appreciated their time.
  9. Bring your resume and’ make sure that it is not wrinkled or dirty (and don’t spray it with perfume)– Elle Woods may have gotten away with it in Legally Blonde but a professional clean cut resume is the way to go.
  10. Leave with a smile and a handshake- makes a good lasting impression– The employer will most likely hire someone upbeat and with a good attitude, so a firm handshake and “thank you” will leave them with the right impression, even if something else went wrong.

I wish everyone the best of luck on their interviews and don’t forget to maybe have a mint right before you go in… it can’t hurt.  Good luck!

In case you want a little more, I found a great video with 12 basic but great tips.

Wag the Dog
February 16, 2009, 6:45 pm
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I think that in Wag the Dog the PR practitioner exhibts situational values above anything else.  They have to make themselves better so that they feel what they are doing is right.  Making up a war is not something done everyday so when you are doing it to help the president it is important to make it seem right.  Had it been the other candidate the PR practitioners would have seen it as wrong.  I think that most people use situational to make themselves feel better about what they are trying to accomplish.

The code of ethics makes almost everything about the situation seem wrong.  Honesty was the first and foremost responsibility that was betrayed.  Along with advocacy, the PR practitioners were betraying the public by telling them lies and not serving their better interest.  By making up stories about the president helping these prisoners of war they were also being unfair to the other candidate.  They were being loyal to their client but not to the public.  it id s controversial matter because although they were loyal to the president and trying to help they were not serving the public as they should have been.

Wag the Dog is a phrase that somewhat calls the the dog stupid.  Usually when a dog wags his tail he is controlling his tail but when the tail wags the dog he is being controlled by something else.  In this case the president is being controlled by outside sources.  Although he could have controls he doesn’t use it very well.

In the movie the PR practitioner proves that they can be devious without feeling much guilt about it.  They have the power to control what the public sees and the opportunity to make it seem true or false.  In this scenario they make it seem true when they are making up all of these lies.  With the power that they hold they are responsible for making right decisions and many in the movie could be questioned as unethical.


First Week of Twitter
February 2, 2009, 12:48 am
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I find Twitter to be very interesting, however I am still trying to get a grasp on how it will help me in the future.  As far as a career in public relations, it seems like the perfect tool to connect with other people.  I look at other people tweets when they come up but sometimes they seem confusing.  Hopefully it will become easier in the next few weeks, because now it is making me feel challenged!  I find it interesting being able to follow different people in the same profession that I am interested in doing in the future.  I think that I will obtain a significant amount of value from twitter because it may be helpful to my future.  I even saw someone on the website who was looking for summer intern in the PR field.  I already have a great job at a radio station this summer but I would love to get help through twitter one day.  It will also be a great networking experience with people my age and older; it even gives me a way to keep in touch with family that use Twitter.  Having an up and coming way that will network people in our generation will potential jobs and colleagues will come in useful now and maybe even help give our careers a jumpstart.  Especially in the economy that we are in now, it is important to get to know people.

I think the blogs we made are awesome too, but still trying to get the hang of this too!