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First Few Days in “The Golden State
August 11, 2010, 6:24 am
Filed under: California- The Newest Chapter

The road trip out to California was grueling at times, but over all enjoyable.  I never thought I would see so much different scenery in 9 states.  The drive went through: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally… California!  New Mexico was one of my favorite states to drive through, possibly because it was the last state of our 16-hour car trip on the second day and we were just excited to be done.  Really, it was just a beautiful place and unlike any area I am used to driving.

New Mexico view from the hotel
Arizona was another favorite!  We visited the Grand Canyon and it was somehow a million times bigger than I expected.  Definitely a sight to see!

And then what seemed like 15 years later, we made it to California!!!
The apartment is so great!  It is in a great location in Newport Beach in Orange County.  We are near Fashion Island (which I can’t wait to spend $$ at whenever I have it) and a bunch of trendy place.  We are right across the street from a little market, Kean Coffee (which is supposedly really big here, and we can bring Riley), and some cute restaurants.  The downside is that gas is super expensive, however it change from 10-20 cents less than a mile down the road (weird!).  The weather is AWESOME.  Since I have been here it has been sunny pretty much all day.  The weather is usually in the 70’s during the day and even a little chilly at night.
This guy we met at Kean Coffee tonight told us about this amazing place 1/2 mile away from the apartment to watch the sunrise- he said it is breathtaking, so we might check that out tomorrow.
Going to update pictures soon!
Lots of Love 🙂

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Hey California Girl! I just had a chance to catch up with your blog – love the pictures and stories – what a great adventure and this is jus the beginning!

Comment by Mom

I am delighted that Carter and you are so happy. Sounds like a fabulous location.Keep these updates coming….just love reading them!
Hope y’all have fun with the Old Bag!
love you, Aunt Kate

Comment by Kate Evans

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