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Social Media- The Beneficial Factor
April 27, 2010, 5:57 pm
Filed under: Senior Seminar

We all know that social media is a way that we, as individuals, can distinguish ourselves, update our statuses, make connections with new people, etc.  I didn’t realize till I recently conducted a survey for my campaigns class that social media can really spark interest in a matter rather than just enhance what it already there.

My campaigns group and I did a survey for our PR Campaigns class regarding HandsOn Southeast Georgia.  If you are unaware, they are a volunteer organization that works with a variety of non-profit organizations and people who donate and volunteer with projects that they are interested in.  In our survey we got opinions for mostly college students because that’s where we conducted the interview.  Somewhat to our surprise, we found out that only 7 of the 57 people were even aware of HandsOn and that they are a volunteer network.  The results could have been different had we surveyed more of the Statesboro population, but even so the number of awareness was pretty minuscule.

A question later on in the survey asked, “What type of media would make you more inclined to volunteer and/or become more aware of HandsOn volunteer opportunities and programs?”  There were a variety of options such as PSA’s, magazine/newspaper coverage, peer activity, word of mouth, etc.  However, the most popular response was social media.  This led to the conclusion that if HandsOn is more active in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

It goes to show that this generation and ones in the future will be very active with social media and it might just be a new way to spark interests for new ideas, especially non-profit organizations.  Maybe now we will have a more active and volunteer apt society!

Find them at:


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