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What Is It Like To Be A Publicist in Hollywood
April 27, 2010, 11:18 pm
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What is it really like to work with the rich and the famous?  A question I would love to have the answer to.  It goes without saying that PR has many different fields in communication and is going to be different depending on the business you want to work in.  I have always been interested in the entertainment industry and wonder what a day in the life of a publicist is like.  Or maybe someone who does PR for major film companies or TV networks.

In an article that I read, it sounds like being a Hollywood publicist involves making a lot of friends.  That really doesn’t sound so bad and especially to get paid for it.  In order to promote clients and make them popular it is important to be in the “in” with people in the media (magazines, TV, radio, etc).

With Young Hollywood they need to rise to fame and it is the job of the publicist to get them in the media and make the public aware of who they are and what they are up to.  If you think about it, we may see these young people in movies but learn much more about who they are when their personal lives are displayed in magazine and television interviews.  PR makes us relate to them.

Ashley Greene on Bonnie Hunt Show

Another job with publicists is to keep celebrities that have been around for a while in the spotlight.  This may seem easy, but think about all of the competition today with celebrities and who is on top.  They, as well as new celebs, need to be in the media because as much as some of us may hate to admit it we like to know whats going on with the rich and the famous.

I think the idea of being a publicist sounds great, but I can only imagine have tough and hard it really is to compete for your client and make sure you get treated with respect.  It sounds like a great way to meet people and make connections in an industry that is far different from any other.


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