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Google as a Search Engine During Crisis
April 24, 2010, 8:42 pm
Filed under: Senior Seminar

Google is arguably the most well-known search engine out there.  It helps us find restaurants, people, places, or really anything that is of interest to us.  Well, they like Twitter and other forms of social media, were of great help during the earthquake crisis in Chile this year.

Following the disaster in Chile 2010, Google launched a Person Finder.  What a great idea!  This allowed people to try and locate people they knew that were in Chile and make sure that they were at least safe.  The app allowed people to choose from 2 options:   “I am looking for someone” or “I have information about someone.”  This is a great way for people to help the families and friends of people who want to find their loved ones and all it requires is using something with an Internet source.

If more tech companies come start to use this kind of app imagine how many people could be found.  It is amazing what the power of social media can do.

This is the website with more information on the Google Person Finder:


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