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SPINdustry- Entertainment PR
April 20, 2010, 1:11 am
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Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck have been known in the past to be good friends of the Kardashian clan but they now have a spotlight of their very own.  They star on the new show, SPINdustry, which follows them and their company Command PR which has recently started on the West Coast.

One thing that made these two really stand out to me was their great PR after the premier of their show.  Following the show I made a comment about it on Twitter, and to my surprise Jonathan Cheban actually responded!  The reason I thought that was so cool is that they show appreciation to fans of their show and I think that is AWESOME PR and encourages the audience to keep watching.

Social media networks are great ways for celebrities and all other public figures to do their own PR, which in my opinion occasionally stands out more than outside press.  If you think about it, public relations really is the reason that celebrities have the title they do.  Yes they are in widely recognized media or something of the sort but someone has to give them that spotlight and more times that not it is the people in PR.

The reason I’m so interested in entertainment PR shows like SPINdustry is because that is the type of relations that I am most interested in.  I also think it is so interesting to really see what PR is like, similar to Kell on Earth, I think it is great that PR professionals are getting some recognition for the behind the scenes work that they work so hard at!


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I love all these PR shows! I can’t believe I missed the first show. I saw a bunch of advertising for it and then it just stopped, I was wondering if the show got pulled, but guess not. Thanks to finals and the million assignments I have to get done, I have been missing all my shows. I need to find a Real Housewives blog so I can stay up to date with their drama.

Comment by Eryn

Hey Marilyn!
That is too cool that they responded to you. I always saw them on the Kardashians and I think it is so great that they got their own show. Entertainment Public Relations is such a neat industry and I know it is something that you are very interested in. What a great way to get your foot in the door by using a social networking site that Twitter. You never know where one tweet could lead you. I agree with you that social networks are so great for entertainment PR. I think that is one of the greatest things about Twitter. Not only can you network, but you can also find out all the celebrity gossip at the same time! Not a bad deal!

Comment by eroche1

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