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Dream Job
October 23, 2009, 10:35 pm
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Ok… here’s the thing:  I have always had dreams of having a really cool and fun job.  I have never had the desire to sit behind a desk and crunch numbers; really just as long as I am out and doing something I love I would have a great time.

Ever since I was little I have always loved being in front of the camera and acting.  One of my absolute dream jobs would be being in the movies.  Acting is so much fun and a lot of work to be good at it, but if that was my career I couldn’t imagine anything better.  It seems like a job that would be different every single day and that part of what is so appealing about it.  Also, getting to study and play different characters would be amazing.  I think its awesome how actors get to go out and study the people they are going to play if its a special role.  Action, comedy, and dramas would all be interesting to do.  I did theater back in school and then took acting classes this summer and its a lot harder than it looks.  It made me have a lot of respect for great actors.  I definitely learned a lot and want to take more next time I’m in Atlanta.

Another dream job I have in being in the PR world of the entertainment industry.  I’ve looked into a lot of companies and I think they all seem great.  Movies, TV, PR firms that deal with premieres and red carpet events, being a publicist.  They all seem very different and require a lot of work, but that what I want to do.  I want to have a job I have to always work hard for because the results are worth it.  California would be my dream place to have any of these jobs.  Lisa Taback and Eileen Koch and two firms I have looked into that seem right up my alley.  I have also looked into E! entertainment TV because it is my favorite channel and they report what I am really interested in: entertainment news.  I realize going out and finding a job out of college is going to be really difficult but for some reason I am hopeful about it.  Iworked for the radio station Q100 this past summer in Atlanta and really enjoyed it and also feel that I learned a lot more hands on with public relations.  I did both office work and event planning and it was great.  I hope to have an internship this summer somewhere in California that will maybe turn into a career.  Like I say, being positive is the best way to go!


eileen_kochred carpet

I have that California dream and hope that it will come true.  I always go for my goals and am really excited to actually pursue them once I graduate in May 2010.

las angeles


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