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Let’s Talk Television
September 29, 2009, 4:09 am
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As usual I have a lot of favorite TV shows– I’m not a bum, just a TV lover.  Now that a lot of the shows I love are coming on I am VERY excited.  I just wanted to name a few- hopefully I can guest star oneday!

Desperate Housewives-  season premiere was last night and it was awesome!  I have been watching it since the very first season and every episode starts something new and I love it!  Just to catch everyone up to speed there is a new family in the neighborhood and from the looks of it the mom is a burn victim, the dad is just out there, and the son is a murderer… maybe.  I love it because each one of the wives is different and has their own thing going on.  There isn’t one of them I don’t like.  Gaby is the funniest to me because she is such of diva, but the show wouldn’t be the same without her.  I always felt like I related the most to Susan because I am just as hypersensitive and goofy as she is.


Gossip Girl- While I missed most of the last season I am slowly catching up to speed.  I read the books a while back so I thought that would help, but the only similarity are the names of the characters.  That’s not a bad thing though.  I think that the show is awesome and there is always a drama filled plot going on which is a guilty pleasure of pretty much every girl I know.  It’s fun to watch the lives of the young, beautiful, and rich up in NYC.  I can’t wait for next week- tonight was great though.  I think that the cast is awesome too- they are great actors.

gossip girl

Chelsea Lately- Probably one of my favorite people of all time because she is HYSTERICAL.  She is absolutely hilarious and so spontaneous on the show.  I love how her humor is so raunchy, it makes everything she says that much more funny.  Her panel of other comedians is usually pretty stand up too.  The interviews that she concludes the show with are always my favorite.  She is definitely who I would love to meet when I go out to LA- I really want to go see her show ( and Chuy!) .  I think that the best interview was the one with Soulja Boy because she was making fun of him pretty much the whole time and I don’t think that he really picked up on it.  LOVE HER!!!  Her book, Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea is so awesome I laughed so hard it made me cry.

chelsea-latelyI wanted to add the clip with Soulja Boy.

House- This is one of the best shows of all time.  Now, I did like the older seasons better because I felt like there were better scenarios rather than personal life.  It’s still good just different.  House is such a jerk, but I wouldn’t have it otherwise because he always still saves the day.  The season premiere was interesting because I didn’t think I would see him at a mental ward- but as usual there was no humility, just trouble.


CSI Miami- I want to have a guest role on this show so badly!!!  I have been watching it for a few years and it never gets old.  The crimes they solve are unbelievable- I can’t believe anyone could pay that much attention to detail.  The best part of the show is that the crimes are ridiculous but they still find a way to solve it and it is usually the person who is seemingly the most innocent of the beginning (even though I think I have figured out how to profile the suspects).  Another thing that is great about the show is that every episode is so different.  Even if you haven’t seen the show before it is fairly easy to catch up.  This is definitely one of my all time favorites. Oh, and I love Horatio’s one-liners at the beginning- classic.



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