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Legal Issues
September 5, 2009, 2:48 pm
Filed under: PRCA 3330- PR Writing

Legal issues are something tha public relations practicioners need to always look out for.  Since they are in the public eye and especially representing other companies it is critical that they do not make a major slip up.  It is important to always think before they write or say something that could land them in a world of trouble.

Libel and slander are too forms of defamation that could get the person doing public relations in big trouble.  Libel is written and slander is an oral way in which someone starts a rumor more or less.  Speaking or writing something that is not true can land someone in a bad place because the company you are working for and the media are supposed to be able to trust you.  Most statements will be taken more lightly when “I think” and “I believe” is used to make it clear that it is your opinion.

Copywrights are a way to protect your work and should always be used unless you want your work stolen.  The same thing goes the other way.  When another company has a copywright for something, nobody else can use it unless they want to end up in the big house.  Overall, it is important to understand your rights and the rights of others in order not to get in trouble, even if it is an innocent mistake.



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