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Break Ins at GSU
August 19, 2009, 8:04 pm
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The break ins that are happenning on and around the GSU campus seem to becoming more violent as well as frequent.  What could be the cause for the increase rates of crime?  Could it be it is just getting more publicity in the news or could it be that the GSU campus crime rate is really increasing?  That is one scary thought.

Campus Club, The Pointe, and University Pines are three that have had the most robberies, according to the Statesboro Herald.  There were three men recently arrested for multiple counts of robberies and possesion of weapons.  One of the men arrested was charged with 9 counts of robbery along with other charges.  All three of the men are suspected to be from Thompson, Ga.  The strange part of this situation is that none of the men are affiliated with the school.  Maybe college kids are just the easiest targets.

With the help of the Statesboro police department and the University there will hopefully be a resolution that can at least decrease the crime situation.  As for now it seems as though everyone is doing the best they can.  Maybe more security on apartments around campus would be a good solution since that is where the majority of the crimes are taking place.  To me, the scariest part is that there are firearms that are used, which could end up meaning a lot more than just robberies.



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It really is scary! My boyfriend lived in UP last year and his neighbors were some of the people who were robbed. I guess we must be religious about locking our doors!

Comment by Meghan Callahan

Last year I lived at Copper Beech. The people I shared a deck with were robbed during broad daylight while they were all away at class. After finding their house to be completely overturned and all electronics missing, my roommates and I decided to take some action.
We decided to delve into some scare tactics. We ordered a big door magnet for our front door. It read, “We Don’t Call 911.” The kicker was that at the bottom of the sticker was a big picture of a pistol. Whoever messed with our neighbors never messed with us. Granted we didn’t have any guns to protect us, it was the impression that kept us safe.

Comment by Sean Runyan

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