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Celebrity Spotlight
April 30, 2009, 1:12 am
Filed under: PR Connections

An aspect of public relations that has struck my interest is why celebrities have the power to attract so many people to watch a show, regardless of what it is.  Guest appearances have been an attraction to audience members for a long time.  I will be the first to say that if I see an actor I think is great or good looking… well, I’m more than likely going to watch the show.

I think that in the public relations field, guest appearances are often times what keep shows popular.  Many of those shows are late night shows with daily guest appearances.  In the book, it says that special guests should have strong opinions, which is why many of the appearances are so entertaining.

Now that I have looked more closely at these guest spots and celebrity appearance, I can see that it is heavily influenced by public relations and the need to keep the media in business.


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I’ve never thought about celebrity interviews keeping ratings up for talk shows because of their influence, especially from a PR perscpective. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I realized that I will watch an interview just because I like that guest, or think they’re attractive..and I do it subconsciously..I dont really care what they have to say! Great post!

Comment by erikabrewington

Celebrities can really be so powerful. It is crazy how people will watch a show just because their favorite celebrity is on it. I am guilty as well. Just as I know that you watched “Ellen,” that day just because Robert Patterson was on the show. Celebrities are a big part of Public Relations. The best part is how many celebrities will use their power for good. With so many natural disasters going on in the world today it is great to see celebrities stepping up and helping out. Though people should want to donate even if George Clooney isn’t answering the phone it does help people to call. I think this is really cool.

Comment by eroche1

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