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Swine Flu in the U.S.
April 29, 2009, 9:25 pm
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The outbreak of the Swine Flu has caused an abundant amount of concern in many places around the world, after the reported origination in Mexico.

As of April 29, 2009 the epidemic is reported to be in 10 states and there has officially been one death on record.  I made a link to the ABC News article regarding the Swine Flu and its progression.  The World Health organization has declared the flu to now be a phase 5, meaning that there is a possibility it could turn into a full blown outbreak.  The CDC has reported that 94 cases are in the U.S.  The most cases in one state so far in New York with 51 victims.


A 22-month old baby boy from Mexico died in Texas and is the first reported death in the United States.  Germany and Austria are two other countries that are also infected with the Swine Flu.  Some of the countries are slaughtering pigs by the thousands hoping to slow down the outbreak.  Although the outbreak seems to be serious, it is yet to be called a pandemic.

The toll that this flu has taken so far is devastating and hopefully it can be contained within the next few weeks before it gets too serious.  People die from the flu every year, so what exactly is so different about this one.  Public relations professionals are some of the people involved in what and how information is distributed to the public which is why I though this article was a good example.

To get more infomation the article is just a click away.


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I can’t believe much the swine flu has spread already! Today, I heard that Georgia was infected now too.

Comment by mspille1

I am terrified of this swine flu! I heard that someone form Denver’s town was infected!! SCARY!

Comment by emilyroper17

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