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Chapter 13- New Technologies in Public Relations
April 29, 2009, 2:54 am
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One of the reasons that I find public relations to be so interesting is because of the constant use of technology.  Coming into this class I knew how to use the Internet and watch the news on TV, but most people my age do.  The best part is that public relations uses all types of media outlets to spread information to the public whether it is on the radio, television, or Internet.  Technology is the leading trend in public relations, which is great because it continues to keep up with the times.

Computers are a great research tool because they can be used to both research and report.  More times than not, the Internet is used in all of these processes.  Not only are there endless secondary sources and information, but it can come from so many different places.  With the Internet, there is Google, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, RSS, podcasting, brochureware, and e-mail.

Some specific examples from the text about how the Internet can relate to PR are:

  • Organizations create their own websites that supply information and breaking news for the public.
  • Many companies offer answers to many typical questions that a user might have.
  • Medical information or other material relating to a certain organization and its users will be available to help with any concerns.

Here are some key aspects about the Internet from the text:

  • The reach of a message is worldwide, giving almost everyone access to it, which can cause different reactions to the intended message
  • The content is virtually uncontrolled, meaning there are few gatekeepers
  • Issue tracking is more thorough and immediate

As for the future and present, there are many new technologies that are beginning to sprout:

  • Hybrid surveys- enable random sample and tracking of participation for response rates
  • Online focus groups
  • Online experiments
  • Online theater research


Even news releases are becoming heavily based electronically, which is a major part of public relations along with videoconfrencing.  I think that the Internet will continue to expand because at this point is seems that there is nothing that can’t be done with it.  It also serves a great help because all of the information for an organization of client can be gathered from one medium for the most part making it more likely for the public to access the information.


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