Marilyn's Life From East to West

Chapter 10- Conflict Management
April 29, 2009, 1:33 am
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As we know, conflict is a daily issue out in the workforce.  Many times public relations is the occupations that deals with these issues because they are dealing with the public every day.  In order to be successful when resolving these conflicts it is very important to have good communication skills that work towards the benefit of the organization and the people.  The idea for public relations is to help honest conflict that will result in what is best for the economy.  There are many different components of conflict management that can be used:

  • Strategic: purpose of acheiving popular objectives
  • Management: planned, deliberate action
  • Competition: striving for the same goals as others
  • Conflict: sharp opposition resulting in a threat over an attack from another entity

Public relations has a significant role in conflict known as crisis management in which the actions taken are dependent on the escalation of the problem.  There is also a system known as the “it depends” system.  There are two basic princples behind this system.

  1. Many factors determine the position of an organization when it comes to dealing with with conflict and threats against the organization.
  2. The public relations stance for dealing with a particular audience is dynamic because it changes constantly.
  • The two factors form the basis of the contingency theory
  • Factors of the contingency theory are:
  • external threats, industtry-specific environment, top management characteristics, and internal threats. (Those are both internal and external)

It is also important to understand the conflict management life cycle.

  1. proactive phase: activities and though processes that can prevent a conflict before it has begun
  2. strategic phase: the conflict has emerged and needs immediate action
  3. reactive phase: the issue has had a significant impact on the organization and the PR professional must use external communication
  4. recovery phase: after the crisis has become high profile, the organization must take actions to fix its reputation.conflictmanagement1

It is important to understand the cycle and solutions to conflict because more likely than not, it will become an issue in everyone’s workplace and knowing how to assess the situation will most likely make these conflicts either be prevented or run smoother.


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