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48 Hours of Twitter- much more exciting!
April 23, 2009, 12:13 am
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Hello everyone! Now first, I have to say that the more recent assignment regarding Twitter was easier and more interesting than the first because I have no become a big fan of it!

You can find me on Twitter @marilynpr


My first experience on Twitter was good, however I mean good in the sense that I was not totally sure about what I was doing.  I have finally figured out, a few months ago, how to send out tweets to certain people which is great because it makes the social networking some much more exciting.  I have come to realize the significane that Twitter will have on my social and work life.  It is really great to be able to access people that are interested in many of the same things.

Besides finding interesting people in the PR field, it has been a great way to keep up with class.  I like to see what other people think about the lessons and what their outlook is.  I also like how Professor Nixon sends out tweets to the class with various types of information!

I am hoping that in the next few months I will become a pro because although I feel that I know a lot now, I am hoping to make more connections regarding Public relations.  It has been so much fun being able to use the updated on Twitter and finally realizing it is not as complicated as I originally thought.  I know I will keep using it and I have noticed that I check it more and more every day.

Hopefully other people have found it equally as helpful and a lot of people soon will because it is ALL OVER the media.  I think I hear about it on TV and the radio and least a few times a week and at the beginning of the class I had never heard about it before.  I have also recomended it to many people hoping they will sign on and see it is really great!

I have really enjoyed Twitter and found it to be one of the best ideas for a public relations professional; it is great being constantly updated with the rest of the world!

Oh and I am still not sure what the TweetDeck is and how people tag all of the news stories and things like that to their posts.

There is so much buzz about Twitter: I posted a link to a CBS news video on Twitter.  All age ranges are using it for various reasons.

Three PR Professionals:

  • @BrettPohlman
  • he was extremely helpful to help me learn the crucial parts of public relations and how important social networking is- Twitter for example
  • @heatherhuhman
  • she was someone that I followed on a regular basis because all of the wonderful internship opportunities that she provided
  • @mashable
  • always had readily available Twitter news and tips- which were very helpful because there are still a few kinks I am trying to work out

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