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Seth Godin’s “Tribes”
April 16, 2009, 12:54 am
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Tribes is unlike any opinions that I have heard in the past.  Godin reinforces the idea that anyone can be a leader and share an idea.  Building a tribe is finding a group of followers.  For example, Widespread Panic just started a fan base and now they have a tribe.  The most motivating part of his speech is that we all have the opportunity to start a tribe and spread an idea because there is an abundance of people who want to join a group.

Tribal events was an interesting concept because he used a triathlon as an example.  He states how all of these people pay thousands of dollars to participate without even qualifying; therefore they know they will lose.  Religions are another example of tribes.  Once you place yourself as a followers, you are a part of it.

He states that leaders do not know whats going to happen next but that people wait for the success.  It is motivating to see that you do not necessarily have to have connections to start a tribe; you need an idea and people who are interested.  Instead of being afraid leaders take chances a risks, which is what makes them desirable.

Business is something that he goes over for a large portion of his presentation.  It fits in perfectly with starting a business.  One example he uses is if you want to publish a book, have some friends read it and see what the feedback is.  By making the first step of going into new territory, some people will follow and that is what is important!

I hope that after seeing this video it will carry with me as I venture into new jobs and make my opinion heard.  This video will increase self-confidence and encourage people to break out of their shell.

There is not much more I wish he had discussed because he made his point, but I will continue to follow his lectures and most likely order the book because I can only imagine how interesting it could be.

Be sure to check it out!


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Where you can find the book


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