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Chapter 6- Program Planning
March 27, 2009, 10:35 pm
Filed under: Reading Notes

Everyone has heard the saying “prior propper planning.”  Well the saying is true because the value of planning shows throughout the whole process whether you are working on a strategy or an event.  In order to be a good planner there must be an objective.  A few examples are:

  1. client/employer objectives
  2. audience/publics
  3. media channels
  4. communication strategies

Those are just a few, but good examples because it is key to know exactly how to plan depending on what the main objective it.  Each client will require different areas of focus that need to be attended to.

It is also important to have a strategic planning model.  In this there are facts, goals, and an audience.  An example of a fact might be a competitive fact.  A goal could be a business objectice.  And finally an audience could be a target audience.  When you put all of these together there is a plan.  Figure out the facts, then set some goals, and make sure the message reaches the planned target audience.

In the end result, we learn that research leads to results and in the middle is the program planning.  The elements of the program plan are:

  1. situation
  2. objectives
  3. audience
  4. strategy
  5. tactics
  6. calender
  7. budget
  8. evaluation

By using all of these elements a program should run smoothly because everything should be figured out ahead of time, and by doing this there will consistently be a back up plan.  It also will cause less friction between the employees and result in a more positive work environment and happy clients (which is what we really want, right?)


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