Marilyn's Life From East to West

Chapter 4- Public Relations Departments and Firms
March 27, 2009, 9:40 pm
Filed under: Reading Notes

A suprise to me was the multiple divisions of public relations.  Also I thought it was neat that there were so many other names for the field such as corporate communications, marketing and corporate affairs, investor relations, or communications.  They all make sense though, since public relations has so many departments and is involved in multiple activities.  Media is what I am most interested in.  Surprisingly, writing blogs was one of the lower percentages, which I thought was odd because blogs are so common and popular.  However, in every aspect of the departments there are multiple functions for the staff .  When top management approves a proposal, then the department will take responsibility for organizing the event.

Sources of friction:  This can be found in marketing, advertising, legal and human resources.  Legal staff is concerned with any public statement or a potential litigation.  Human resources can cause friction when it comes down to who is responsible for employee communication.  Advertising can compete with PR when it comes to competing with funds for promotional activies and external audiences.  Marketing can cause friction because they focus on specific target markets where PR tends to generalize the public in a broader range.

Public Relations firms and what they do:  So as discussed earlier in the book, PR is not just going to exquisite parties all of the time, these professionals have a lot more on their plate.  Marketing communications, executive speech training, and event management are just some of the few examples.  Marketing communications is the one that caught my eye because it is similar to something I would like to do in my career.  People who do this do news releases, feature stories, special events, and media tours.  They market a cater to audiences and promote stories and events,


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