Marilyn's Life From East to West

Chapter 3- Ethics and Professionalism
March 27, 2009, 6:07 pm
Filed under: Reading Notes

Ethics: a system of moral principles (  Well, we all know ethics is important and most people try to have ethics that guide them in their everyday life.  Another time ethics is very important is in the professional world.  In order to be seen as a professional and a reputatble employee, it is imperative to have good moral and ethic code.  Here are three things that I found to be the most important in Chapter 3:

  1. The three types of ethics are absolute, existential, and situational.  None of these are necessarily right or wrong; just different.  Absolute is the idea that something as eithere right or wrong, black or white.  Existential is described as being an immediate practical choice.  This can mean choosing what seems to be the most practical.  As Aristotle said, “Never say never.”  Situational is just like it sounds; ethics are based by the situation.  The point is to chose one that would cause the least harm or the most good.  You basically want to choice that will benefit the most people.  It is important to have a good understanding of all types of ethics because they will come into a situation at some time and you should be able to make an educated decision.
  2. Ethics with the news media is also a situation that will more than like occur at some point if you are working in that field.  The news media can offer anything from expensive gifts, to free Cd’s, or concert tickets.  The deeper meaning behind these gifts could be completely innocent but don’t think that there are no strings attached.  Many times these gifts are given to receive good press.  At this point professionalism is key and accepting gifts is not recommended so that you do not make a biased decision.
  3. Internet public relations in a topic that can be blurry but should be recognized (and I found it interesting).  The main question is should these professionals note that they are being paid for making these high recommendations about a company?  One opinion I found to be most important was to offer opportunities for dialogue and interaction with experts (Wilcox, p.81).  By doing this multiple people have the opportunity to share opinions rather than the leaders themself.

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