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10 Interview Tips (very important!)
March 2, 2009, 6:02 pm
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As we all know, going out into the real world to get a job will be scary. I have applied to three different jobs, my most current being a radio internship that I will have this summer.  The jobs that we all go out looking for now and in the future are the most crucial because not only do you need a good resume, by also making an outstanding first impression is critical.   Although those times might seem like they are a ways away, it’s pretty close.  More than likely interviews will become normal for us, so I just wanted to put down ten tips I found helpful in class and from previous experience!


  1. Always stand up and shake the interviewers hand (firmly)-Make sure that you seem confident- a strong handshake will imply confidence.
  2. Make good eye contact- don’t be gazing off the whole time– By making strong eye contact, the interviewer will see that you are engaged and interested.
  3. Dress professionally– make sure that your clothes are clean and proper.  Nothing to revealing or something that you would wear out with you buddies.
  4. Be positive!– Enthusiasm is contagious- if you are excited the interviewer will be more interested.
  5. Ask questions- it will show you are interested- Asking questions are best if some of them are prepared ahead of time.  Do not ask questions about salary off the bat- make sure you get the job first!
  6. Speak C-L-E-A-R-L-Y– Don’t mumble- again, clear speaking shows confidence and nobody wants to hire someone that they cannot understand.
  7. Answer questions directly-Try not to beat around the bush, and just answer what they are asking- stay calm.
  8. Make sure to write a “Thank you” letter to the interviewer(s)– Thank you letters are so key because not only are they polite, but the interviewer will see that you really appreciated their time.
  9. Bring your resume and’ make sure that it is not wrinkled or dirty (and don’t spray it with perfume)– Elle Woods may have gotten away with it in Legally Blonde but a professional clean cut resume is the way to go.
  10. Leave with a smile and a handshake- makes a good lasting impression– The employer will most likely hire someone upbeat and with a good attitude, so a firm handshake and “thank you” will leave them with the right impression, even if something else went wrong.

I wish everyone the best of luck on their interviews and don’t forget to maybe have a mint right before you go in… it can’t hurt.  Good luck!

In case you want a little more, I found a great video with 12 basic but great tips.


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