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Wag the Dog
February 16, 2009, 6:45 pm
Filed under: Assignments

I think that in Wag the Dog the PR practitioner exhibts situational values above anything else.  They have to make themselves better so that they feel what they are doing is right.  Making up a war is not something done everyday so when you are doing it to help the president it is important to make it seem right.  Had it been the other candidate the PR practitioners would have seen it as wrong.  I think that most people use situational to make themselves feel better about what they are trying to accomplish.

The code of ethics makes almost everything about the situation seem wrong.  Honesty was the first and foremost responsibility that was betrayed.  Along with advocacy, the PR practitioners were betraying the public by telling them lies and not serving their better interest.  By making up stories about the president helping these prisoners of war they were also being unfair to the other candidate.  They were being loyal to their client but not to the public.  it id s controversial matter because although they were loyal to the president and trying to help they were not serving the public as they should have been.

Wag the Dog is a phrase that somewhat calls the the dog stupid.  Usually when a dog wags his tail he is controlling his tail but when the tail wags the dog he is being controlled by something else.  In this case the president is being controlled by outside sources.  Although he could have controls he doesn’t use it very well.

In the movie the PR practitioner proves that they can be devious without feeling much guilt about it.  They have the power to control what the public sees and the opportunity to make it seem true or false.  In this scenario they make it seem true when they are making up all of these lies.  With the power that they hold they are responsible for making right decisions and many in the movie could be questioned as unethical.



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