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Era’s of Public Relations
February 4, 2009, 5:01 pm
Filed under: Reading Notes

It was very interesting what we did in class with the different eras of Public Relations.  My group did the current era so we had a better understanding of what is going on right now.  One fact that I found to be interesting was how much the number of women has changed throughout the recent years.  Now, women make up a mojority of the public relation field.   

Also, another era besides the very beginning that I was really interested in was the future of public relations.  It is going to be much more internet based and there will be so much more technology that has not even be thought of yet.  There are going to be any more interpersonal relationships which is important because knowing clients is important to promote their businesses.  

The very beginning of public relations was also fascinating when Bernays started to promote cigarettes with socialites smoking during a big parade, giving women more of a sense of power.  Also, he is know as the Father of Public Relations.  It makes me wonder what they did with public relations, like how Rossevelt was the first president to use press confernces.

I have enjoyed learning about the different era’s because I want to know the history about something I am interested in as a career.  My favorite were probably today and the future because I get to learn what I will be doing when I graduate when I get a little bit older.


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